Wenger: Ozil Can Achievement Samai City Stars

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Wenger: Ozil Can Achievement Samai City Stars

Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger believes that Mesut Ozil will be able to match the achievements of the stars of Manchester City.

In the Premier League stage this season, City became one of the best performing teams in the league. The names of Kevin De Bruyne, David Silva, and Sergio Aguero became one of the most prominent performers in the Premier League stage.

Even so, seeing the level of performance displayed by Ozil, Wenger believes that the players will be able to compete with them.

“I think so. Every great player, certainly want to be able to perform in an important game. This match is an important game, “Wenger replied when the game ahead of Manchester City.

“Currently, Ozil is in good shape. People talk a lot about Alexis Sanchez, but for us, the performance of Ozil is also very important. ”

“He contributed greatly to the way we played. Every time we attack, he can be an asset to our team. He is a man who likes to create chances. “

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